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Welcome to the Base

Our dedicated airfield at Birasal in Distt Dhenkanal, Odisha is fully equipped for day and night VFR operations. This ensures that flight training happens uninterrupted by other traffic. Our dedicated hangar for aircraft maintenance, allows us to ensure that our aircraft are kept in perfect airworthy condition and are available for training around the clock. Our ground training center at Dwarka in NCR, is a center of excellence for initial and advance ground school collocated with the French ALSIM 250 simulator which allows our student pilots to build a clear picture of the practical while studying the theory. The student accommodation is spread around Birasal with a facility planned to be built in 2022.

Fleet of Aircraft

Cleared for take off

Our fleet of airplanes has been carefully selected to provide the optimal training experience to our student pilots. Keeping safety as our highest priority, our choice of aircraft are used by top military and commercial pilot training organizations worldwide. All but one aircraft are equipped with glass cockpits like the Garmin 1000 and the Garmin G3X and advance avionics and systems like the ADS-B traffic management and collusion avoidance systems, autopilots and even ballistic parachutes. The combination of the old and the new, the manoeuvrable and the stable, the simplex and the complex, ensure a wholesome training experience where all our trainees get to fly at least three very different types of airplanes during their training.

Cessna 172 Skyhawk with Garmin 1000

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a four seat, high wing aircraft with hundreds of thousands of hours of flight training worldwide. It is the most trusted training aircraft on the planet and is powered by the Lycoming IO-360-L2A engine producing 120kW at 2400rpm. The Garmin G1000 glass cockpit on this machine propels it into the league of a modern jet flight deck that is more feature rich than a modern passenger jet aircraft. Our PPL licensed student pilots fly this airplane in fours through the length and bredth of the country.

Pipistrel SW121

The Pipistrel SW 121 is a full composite high wing, T-tail aircraft equipped with flaperons, a T-tail, cruise flaps, electric trim, and wing spoilers. It is EASA certified and approved for advanced UPRT training and intentional spin. The flight deck is outfitted with a dual-screen glass cockpit, dual ADAHRS system, traffic alert and avoidance system and a full-featured autopilot. It has the longest range in its category and comes equipped with a full airframe ballistic parachute rescue system and a certified hydraulic constant speed propeller. It is powered by a Rotax 912S3 engine that delivers 73.5kW at 5800rpm. It is the most advanced and economical aircraft for flight training.


The ALSIM 250

The ALSIM 250 has a single/multi engine interchangeable flight control display and panel duplicating a Cessna 172 Skyhawk as well as a Piper Seneca V which complements our fleet. Equipped with a 250-degree high definition visual system with a refresh rate of 60 frames per second giving our trainees a real feel of motion and flying making it a very real experience of flying in simulated weather and emergency conditions. The flight control system comes with a force feedback system duplicating the real inflight forces through different flight conditions.

The real effect of this technology however is not realized without creating a real-life experience through effective flight instruction. Our instructors create the realism of a flight through appropriate use of technology and resources, preparing you for challenging flight conditions you would one day face.

Hangar and Airfield

About the Base

Birasal airfield is located 115 km from Bhubaneshwar in Dhenkanal district. The closest town, Kamakhyanagar is 19 km from Birasal and the base is in the lap of an undisturbed natural environment. Within just 100km of the Similipal Biosphere Reserve, having a core area of 84,500 hectares and a buffer area of 212,900 hectares of wild forest, you will be in the lap of India´s nature during your training.

The following are the salient features of the airfield:

  • 80 Acres airfield totally dedicated to GATI operations
  • Runway 09/27 with asphalt and full runway markings
  • Full and dedicated night flying facilities
  • Year round fuel supply of 100LL fuel
  • Dedicated ATC officer for air traffic management
  • Daily transportation for girl student pilots
  • Flight Operations dispatch and watch center
  • Briefing De-briefing rooms for training support
  • Basic Instrument Procedure trainer At Birasal
  • State security for airfield
  • Dedicated ambulance and Fire Fighting Facilities
  • Ground School and laboratory for Drone training

Infrastructure at Bhubaneshwar:

  • Runway with ILS /VOR available for Instrument Flying training and practice.
  • Ground school base for instruction
  • University Campus for delivery of lectures for BSc Aviation with Centurion University


Seat of Knowledge

Our classrooms are designed for an ergonomic and comfortable learning environment, fully equipped with Overhead Projectors and multi-media facilities. Through the Pandemic, our training staff has gained proficiency in delivery of effective instruction through distance learning tools. The most important ingredient of our classrooms are our instructors who are passionate about the subject as well as the learning experience of our student pilots. The knowledge gained by you will hold you good through the course of your professional career.

  • Base ground school at Bhubaneshwar Airport
  • Supplementary ground school at Dwarka (NCR)
  • Supplementary ground school at Birasal Airport


Our maintenance organization is currently at Bhubaneshwar airport where we have a fully dedicated hangar available at our disposal for conduct of maintenance up to and including engine change. The facility is fully tooled with a bonded store for spares and storage for fluids. We also have a hangar under construction at Birasal which will be fully outfitted withadditional facilities for training and flight crew briefings with dedicated parking for up to 10 airplanes. This is expected to be completed by June 2021. Bhubaneshwar being merely 45 Nm away allows for a VOR/ILS within 30 minutes flying time from Birasal.

Student Accomodation

Life at GATI

One of the most important aspects for us during your training is to provide you with a safe and comfortable living environment and we make every effort to make sure you have options available for a safe and hygienic living space with healthy home food. While the infrastructure at Birasal is limited and mostly third party, construction of our new student residence facility with living and recreational space will commence at the end of the year to ensure your stay is comfortable and training is productive. The details of accommodation options at our multi locational centres are as follows:


  • Student accommodation within walking distance
  • Student Mess and basic housekeeping facilities
  • Full laundry service for students


  • Hostel facilities for outstation students
  • Paying Guest facilities available near campus

Dwarka (NCR):

  • Paying guest facilities for simulator and ground school
  • Full laundry service

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