First Officer Programme (CPL)
First Officer Programme (CPL)

First Officer Programme (CPL)

A Commercial Pilot´s License (CPL) is issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( after fulfilling the conditions for issue of this license under the Aircraft Rules of 1937. The Commercial Pilot License (CPL) training at GATI is called our First Officer Programme because it is different from any other program offered in India. It is an integrated approach to training where the application of knowledge happens along-side your flight training, steepening your learning curve and making you airline ready by the time you get that CPL. Getting a license qualification in this increasingly challenging environment is meaningless if it doesn’t come with the right Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to be a proficient airline pilot and to display that skill and confidence in your airline interview bringing success in your employment pursuit.

BEYOND THE LOGBOOK is a significant value addition to your training with us where we add value to every day of your stay with us at GATI with daily sessions for enhancement of knowledge, skills and attitude through engagement and participation at various levels. This endeavor brings out the soft skills that we generalize and call airmanship, which is also the differentiator.


  • Age: Minimum 17 years
  • Education: 10+2 with Physics and Math
  • Medical Fitness: Class II medical fitness under DGCA Rule 39 B
  • Police clearance certificate from local police station

In a nutshell

Course Overview

Ground School



Flight training



Flight Training Single Engine time 185 hours
Flight Training Multi Engine time 15 hours

Total Simulator time



Single Engine Simulator 5 hours
Multi Engine Simulator 15 hours

License issued



course requirements

The course requirements for the issue of a CPL are as follows

  • DGCA flying training syllabus for issue of a CPL is given in detail as follows


  • DGCA requirements for issue of CPL with instrument ratings is as follows


  • Minimum flying hours 200, of which:
    • 100 hours PIC of which:
      • 30 hours maximum as Student PIC
      • 50 hours of cross country flying
      • 15 hours recency in the last 6 months
    • 5 Hours of night flying of which
      • 10 Take-offs and landings in the last 6 months
    • 50 hours of Instrument flying of which
      • Maximum of 20 hours in a simulator
      • 5 hours recency in the last 6 months
  • For Multi Engine IFR Rating, minimum 25 hours flying time on a multi engine aircraft of which
    • 15 hours can be on a Multi Engine simulator
  • Skills test by day and night
  • Pass in examinations for the following subjects:
    • Air Navigation
    • Air Regulations
    • Aviation Meteorology
    • Technical General
    • Technical Specific
    • Radio Telephony
    • Wireless Telephony (Morse Code)

Details & course Structure

Course Description

Stage 1 Registration and Enrolment One Month
Stage 2 Ground School Three Month
Stage 3 Flight Training Nine Month
Stage 4 License Issue
Airline Preparation Program
One Month

14 months

Stage 1

Duration: One Month

Registration and Enrolment (One Month)

Once you register with us, we start to process of onboarding you on to our First Officer Programme.

Step 1 : Medical

Your medical fitness in terms of conditions that may prevent you from taking up professional flying is critical as you will be investing a lot of time, effort and money in qualifying as a pilot. Your Class II medical will be conducted with a DGCA qualified specialist, and will be the first indication of whether you are fit to fly.

Step 2 : Compass Assessment

This assessment will determine your aptitude and suitability to become an airline pilot. You will be assessed on competencies that you will require during your training and your career as a pilot. These competencies may be developed and enhanced through practice and this assessment will enable us to focus on areas of development. The objective is to make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses and how you may overcome them.

Step 3 : Enrolment

Once you have reached Step 3 and decided to train with us, you will be offered to join according to availability as per our course commencement dates. Your position on that course will be blocked once you have confirmed your position and deposited your first instalment.

Step 4 : Issue of Training material

The course material will include books/ iPad, flight computer, and other important equipment you will require during your training. You will also be issued uniforms that are expected to be always well maintained and elegantly worn.

Stage 2

Duration: Three Months

Ground School (Three Months)

This will be three months of intense training and will comprise of 360 hours of instruction at the end of which you will acquire the knowledge to pass your CPL exams with the capability and understanding to practically apply that knowledge in your career as an aviator. During your ground school you will undergo 10 hours of simulator training on our state of the art ALSIM250 FNPT II flight simulator. This will be integrated with your classroom training and will enable you to visualise the application of your knowledge for a complete understanding of the subject. During the ground school you will also learn about complex airplane systems and human factors that will influence your performance as a pilot.

Stage 3

Duration: Nine Months

Flight Training (Nine Months)

Your flying training will happen at our campus in Birasal, Odisha in the serene and natural environment in close proximity to the Simlipal wildlife reserve (please create a link) ( The focus of your training will be on development of standard operating procedures, skills development, instrument flying, upset recovery training and IFR cross countries. You will also train for instrument flying on our state of the art ALSIM250 flight simulator. The single engine training will be followed by multi engine training on both the simulator and the aircraft where you will learn multi crew operations along with complex airplane training and asymmetric handling. Your training will culminate with your skills test on the multi engine airplane on the basis of which your application for issue of DGCA license will be made.

Stage 4

Duration: One Month

License Endorsement (One Month)

While your application for license issue in DGCA is pending, we will introduce you to airline operations and what is expected from a pilot in an airline environment. This training will comprise of 120 hours of classroom instruction where we will cover aspects of jet aircraft, airline operations, duty time regulations, flight dispatch and airline selection preparation requirements. This will set your expectations of an airline job and give you an edge when appearing for an airline selection or a type rating program.

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