Attitude is a persistent internal mental state or disposition that influences an individual’s choice of personal action toward some object, person or event and that can be learned. Attitudes have affective components, cognitive aspects and behavioural consequences. To demonstrate the “right” attitude, a learner needs to “know how to be” in a given context.


The ability to follow rules, procedures and time in accordance with a requirement. The need for discipline in aviation is primarily related to safety and preservation of life.


The quality to “see it as it is” and without the influence of personality, identity or any form of bias.


The ability to act or behave without sight of personal gain or benefit.


The quality to treat the “other” the way one wishes to be treated.


The ability to be inspired to carry out an action.


The ability to view a situation with a positive energy.


The ability to remain oriented to a task or a person to meet established goals


The ability to work and inspire other people towards a common goal