Multi-Engine Rating
Multi-Engine Rating

Multi Engine Rating

The multi engine rating at GATI will bring you the skills to fly a multi engine aircraft and fulfill your requirements for a Type Rating on the Airbus 320 or similar aircraft. This training is the culmination of your skills as an ab-initio pilot and builds up on that to bridge the gap between your CPL and your Type Rating. The training is conducted in conformity of the DGCA syllabus and the required flying time will vary depending on your objective. It is our recommendation that you do 15 hours multi engine flying on the aircraft (plus 10 hours ME simulator) as that is a minimum qualification requirement to undergo an A320 family of aircraft Type Rating.

During this training you will learn One engine performance requirements, handling asymmetric thrust and all other performance requirements that an airplane engaged in commercial transportation needs to conform to.


  • SPL or PPL or CPL or ATPL
  • Technical exam for specific aircraft
  • Class 2 Medical fitness

Course Overview

Ground School



Flight training



(as required)

Multi Engine Simulator



(as required)

License Endorsement


ME/IR (as required)

course requirements

The DGCA course requirements for the issue of a Muti Engine Rating are as follows

  • Minimum flying hours 25 (A320 requirement), of which
    • At least 10 hours on the aircraft (DGCA) or 15 hours on an aircraft (A320 family) link
    • 10 hours on a Multi Engine Simulator
  • Pass DGCA examination for the Piper Seneca V

Course Description

Multi Engine Rating
Piper Seneca V
Stage 1 Registration and Enrolment One Day
Stage 2 Ground School One week
Stage 3 Flight Training Three Weeks
Stage 4 License Endorsement One Month

2 months

Stage 1

Duration: One Day

Registration and Enrolment One Day

Step 1 : Verification of Documents

Prior to accepting you in the program, your documents will need to be verified to ensure everything is in place for the successful completion of your training.

Stage 2

Duration: One Week

Ground School (One Week)

The subjects covered for your Multi Engine Rating pertain to the understanding of One engine inoperative performance requirements which is the basis and purpose of acquiring a Multi Engine Rating. You will also require to familiarize with the Standard Operating Procedures and operating systems of the aircraft. Your training will be followed by an assessment on the successful completion of which you will be planned for your flight training.

Stage 3

Duration: Three Week

Flight Training (Three Weeks)

The amount of flight training will be conducted according to your personal requirements. For a DGCA multi engine rating, the flying requirement is 10 hours plus an additional 45 minutes if an Instrument Rating is desired. If you intend to pursue an A320 family aircraft type rating, then you will require minimum of 15 hours of flying time plus 10 hours of simulator training on an approved Multi Engine Simulator. At GATI, your flight training will be conducted according to a structured syllabus with an objective and requirement for each training flight. Each flight will be a learning process whereby you will build upon your skills leading up to your final check. Upon successful completion, you will be ready to undergo a type rating for a commercial airplane.

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