Foreign Licence Conversion
Foreign Licence Conversion

License Conversion Training

The license conversion training will be required to convert your foreign PPL/CPL/ATPL to an Indian equivalent license. The requirements in this section conform to the requirements for a CPL however we do offer conversion of other licenses as well and for more information you may contact us. 

For conversion of foreign CPL to an Indian DGCA CPL, our process will have to be tailor made to your specific requirements. The DGCA requirements for conversion of an ICAO contracting state CPL can be reviewed here and our license conversion requirements will be based on what criteria is required to be fulfilled in your particular case. Typically, there are the following considerations when undergoing this type of training:

  • Your aircraft of license issue
  • Your total PIC hours (including PIC under supervision)
  • Your solo cross-country requirements
  • Your instrument flying requirements
  • Whether you have an Indian SPL/PPL
  • Your Multi Engine Requirement

At the end of your training, our flight records management staff will present your documents to the DGCA with in compliance with all regulatory criteria for successful issue of a DGCA of India CPL


  • ICAO contracting state license link
  • DGCA Class 1 Medical
  • Police Clearance certificate
  • Education verification certificate (10+2 with Physics and Math)

Course Overview

Flight Time Total



PIC Time Total



Cross Country PIC Total



License Issue


ME/IR (as required)

Course Requirements

The DGCA requirements for issue of Indian license based on a foreign CPL are here

Your training will be tailor made to conform with these requirements.

Course Description

License Conversion Training
Stage 1 Registration and Enrolment One Day
Stage 2 Ground School As required
Stage 3 Flight Training As required
Stage 4 License Issue One Month

2 months

Stage 1

Duration: One Week

Registration and Enrolment One Day

Step 1 : Verification of Documents

Prior to accepting you for Foreign License Conversion, your documents will need to be verified to ensure everything is in place for the successful completion of your training.

Stage 2

Duration: As Required

Ground School (As Required)

Your ground school will be tailor made to your requirements and will likely only comprise of local flying patterns and if required, Multi Engine Familiarization. This will be determined at the time of your signing up for the License Conversion training.

Stage 3

Duration: As Required

Flight Training (As Required)

The amount of flight training will be conducted according to your personal requirements to fulfil all DGCA criteria based on the assessment made by our regulatory specialists at the time of your enrolment. This however, is unlikely to be more than one month of training in any case.

Stage 4

Duration: One Month approx

License Issue (One Month approx)

Your license Endorsement process will be subject to DGCA processes but your documents will be submitted immediately upon completion of your training.

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