Simulator Training
Simulator Training

Simulator Training

Our ALSIM 250 French made simulator is the most modern and widely accepted simulator for pilot training globally. Our dedicated simulator instructors have been qualified through a “Train The Trainer” (TTT) programme, where they acquire the knowledge, skills and attitude for delivery of instruction. They are also proficient at using the Instructor Operating System (IOS) where they can operate the simulator and your training environment as proficiently as is required for your level of training.

Each training session is performed with a Briefing and a De-briefing session which allows you to maximize your time of learning while on the simulator.

The salient features of the ALSIM 250 are as follows:

  • Interchangeable Single Engine and Multi Engine operation consol
  • Changeable simplex/complex analogue “six Pack” instrumentation
  • Full glass cockpit with EFIS MAP
  • Full functionality of instructor panel with two touchscreens
  • Realistic weather and airport database accessible from touchscreen
  • Aerodynamic derivatives of the Cessna 172 and Piper PA44 complementing our fleet
  • Dual 3 axis flight controls
  • Flight control feel with 3 axis electrical control loading
  • 2 axis Autopilot with following features
    • Heading (HDG)
    • Navigation (NAV, LOC/GS, GNSS)
    • Vertical Speed Hold (VS)
    • Flight Level Change (FLC)
    • Altitude Hold (ALT)
  • Standard ALSIM Avionics Suite:
    • Generic NAV/COM module
  • 250° horizontal x 49° vertical panoramic HDVS view
  • HD database of 9 diverse Indian airports


  • Everybody is eligible

Course Overview

Training Hours

As Required

Multi Engine Simulator

As Required


Instrument Rating

A320 Family

Type Rating Requirement

Course Requirements

Course Description

Multi Engine Rating
Piper Seneca V
Stage 1 Registration and Enrolment One Day
Stage 2 Preparation As Required
Stage 3 Simulator Training As Required
Stage 4 License Endorsement (IR) One Month

Stage 1

Duration: One Day

Registration and Enrolment One Day

Step 1 : Verification of Documents

Prior to accepting you in the program, your documents will need to be verified to ensure everything is in place for the successful completion of your training.

Stage 2

Duration: As Required

Preparation (As Required)

The preparation for the session will depend upon your present level of knowledge on instrument flying. If you are training for your instrument rating, this preparation will be essential to maximize your learning in the simulator as a basic understanding on instrument flying, therefore, you will require to have a minimum level of knowledge. We will support you in acquiring that level of knowledge by providing guidance material and minimum requirements.

Stage 3

Duration: As Required

Simulator Training (As Required)

Various types of simulator training are being offered at GATI depending on your requirements. If you do not find that your requirement does not fit within the various options below, then contact us directly. • License Issue Training o For license issue of CPL  The 20 hours of instrument flying that you will require for issue of your CPL can be completed at the GATI ALSIM 250 simulator which is DGCA approved for logging of flight hours for issue of license. Our training is different because it is conducted by experienced instructors in a realistic, aircraft type specific environment in a standardized way. o For Issue of Multi Engine Instrument Rating  The 20 hours of instrument flying required for issue of your Multi Engine Instrument Rating is required to be conducted on a multi engine simulator. This is the ultimate quality statement for a Commercial Pilot License holder and will and requires skill building in real life Line Oriented Flight Training (LOFT) scenarios with adverse weather conditions simulated with simple and complex failures that will challenge your decision making skills besides the other competencies that you will be trained for. This rating will make a difference in your airline selection interview and GATI is the first FTO in India to be offering this training in a structured manner • Need or Skill based Training o Ab-initio for understanding  During your ground school, you will read about airplane instruments such as Airspeed Indicators, Directional Gyroscope Indicators, Artificial Horizon, Horizontal Situation Indicator, Turn and slip indicator etc You will also study about flight controls, navigation, meteorology, air law which have many concepts that are difficult to visualize. At GATI, we offer you some simulator training to help you connect your theory to practical application and visualization for a clear grasp of your concepts. These sessions are basic in nature and come at an affordable cost. o For improving IFR skills  If you are getting rusty, or would just like to brush up your IFR skills, our instructors could help you with some demanding training sessions that will bring you to the proficiency level you desire. o For Airline Selection Assessment  If you are interested in upping your skills for an airline assessment or selection, we have a training session tailor made for that, depending on your competency level. Based on our assessment and your desired level of competency, after one simulator session, we can recommend a package to bring you up to the required standard for an airline selection.

Stage 4

Duration: One Month

License Endorsement (One Month)

If you wish to submit your documents for your license Endorsement through us, the process will be subject to DGCA processes but your documents will be submitted immediately upon completion of your training.

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