Drone Pilot Training
Drone Pilot Training

Drone Pilot Training

Drone Pilot Training is now mandatory to fly ANY DRONE above the weight of 250gms in India. Operating a drone without the mandatory certificate can result in heay fines, confiscation of the drone you are operating and possibly even imprisonment. As a DGCA approved Remote Pilot Training Organisation (RPTO) we are authorized to issue your Drone/Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) upon completion of your training with us, which will allow you to fly your drone.

At GATI we ensure you develop the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude to be a proficient drone pilot, not just for your current requirement, but also to graduate to higher category and more complex operations of drones. We also bring you the opportunities in the vast and rapidly growing drone industry upon the successful completion of your training.

In our Drone Training School, we have created an environment where in the one week of training, you will get deeply immersed in the world of drones and the opportunities that come with it. You will be able to visualize the future of drones in India and the role you could play in it.


  • Experienced Instructors
  • Best Practical Training
  • Latest DGCA Rules and Regulations
  • Detailed insight about Drones and their professional Applications
  • Available Jobs in different fields
  • 100% assistance in Job placement
  • Application/Industry specific Drone Training (coming soon)
  • Advance Drone Flying and Mission Planning
  • Simulator Training
  • Drone Assembly and Maintenance Training
  • Future Opportunities for Drone Pilots in various Industries

Course Highlights: RPAS Pilot Training

35 Sessions spread over 5 days

  • Theory Sessions – 11
  • Flight Simulator Sessions -12 (Minimum)
  • Practical Lab Session -01
  • Practical Flying Sessions -17 (Minimum)
    • One on One Flying with Instructor
    • Solo Flying
    • Instrument Flying
    • Emergency Procedures


  • Age: Minimum 18 years
  • Education: 10th grade
  • Aadhar card
  • Passport



In a nutshell

Course Overview

Ground School



Day 1 & 2

Simulator training



Day 3

Practical/Flight Training



Day 3, 4 & 5

Certificate issued

On Day 5


Course Requirements

The course requirements for the issue of an RPC are as follows

DGCA remote pilot training syllabus for issue of an RPC is given in detail as follows

DGCA requirements for issue of RPC is as follows -

Pass in the following tests:

Theory Test

Sim Test

Minimum flying hours 4 hours 30 minutes, which includes and additional 2 hours of Basic Assembly & Maintenance

Solo flying

Night Flying

Final Skill Test

Detail & Course Structure

Course Description

Stage 1 Registration and Enrolment 1 Day
Stage 2 Ground School 2 Days
Stage 3 Flight Training 3 Days
Stage 4 License Issue On Day 5

Total -

5 Days

Stage 1

Duration: 1 Day

Registration And Enrolment

Once you register with us, your documents will need to be verified to ensure everything is in place for the successful completion of your training. Your position on the course will be blocked once you have confirmed your position and deposited the course fees.

Stage 2

Duration: 2 Days

Ground School

This will be two days of training and will comprise of 14 hours of instruction at the end of which you will acquire the knowledge to pass your Theory test. The training content will enable you to visualise the application of your knowledge for a complete understanding of the subject. During the ground school you will also learn about the applications of drones in several industries, complex drone systems, maintenance, and emergency procedures that will influence your polish your skills as a pilot.

Stage 3

Duration: 3 Days

Flight Training

Your flying training will happen at our campus near Manesar, Haryana in a serene, open and natural environment. The focus of your training will be on development of skills, instrument flying, disorientation & recovery training and autonomous flight planning. You will also train on the state of the art Made-in-India Drone Simulator. The dual rotorcraft training on the Indian drone Guru Trainer series will be followed by solo training where you will learn complex aircraft handling and circuit flying. Your training will culminate with your skills test on the basis of which your Remote Pilot Certificate will be issued by GATI.

Stage 4

Duration: 1 Day (Final Day)

Certificate Issuance

DGCA has recently removed the requirement of issuance of a Remote Pilot License (RPL). The Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC) which GATI will issue on the final day of training is the only document you need to become a certified Drone Pilot!

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