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A job as a pilot can seem like a great choice at first. You get to travel across breathtaking skies, work in several nations, and interact with a wide range of people wherever you arrive.

You hear uplifting tales like the one about the man who rose from being a janitor to becoming a pilot or the one about the pilot who saves everyone's life by safely bringing down an airplane in a river. Given the expansion of the aviation industry, it is predicted that during the next five years, India would need more than 1,000 pilots annually. The number of commercial pilot license (CPL) issued in 2019 decreased to 578 in 2020, according to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, from a total of 744 in 2018. The number, however, went up even further to 862 in 2021. On paper, a job as a pilot certainly seems appealing. But surely no one is perfect? There are several drawbacks in addition to the apparent advantages.

Is Being a Pilot a Good Career Option?

So, let's examine the benefits and drawbacks of a career in aviation if you're debating whether it's worthwhile to become a pilot

Pilot Career Benefits

On the plus side, a job as a pilot may be immensely fulfilling:

  • The Pay is Quite Good: The fact that pilots are compensated generously is a well-kept secret. While a pilot's initial compensation would be lower, as would be the case at Ryanair, as their career progresses and they begin to fly larger aircraft, their income grows.
  • Every Time You Enter the Cockpit, an Adventure Awaits You: It will always be exciting to start the engines, give them full force, and take off. Even the most experienced pilots are consistently amazed by the sight of stunning sunsets or even turbulent skies.
  • Journeying Abroad: In essence, you are moving individuals from one location to another all across the planet. But you also get to go on your own travels! Airlines do enable pilots to purchase affordable tickets to a variety of locations even when they are not actively flying, so you can visit locations you've always wanted to see.
  • It's Satisfying: Flying an airplane is satisfying from the minute you walk into the cockpit, whether it's your first solo flight, your first landing, or your first journey to a new place. Additionally, it is undoubtedly fulfilling to have worked hard and now get to accomplish what you have been planning for a while!
  • You're Always Learning Something New: You as a pilot will constantly advance as the aviation business does. Flying keeps you alert both practically and intellectually. You will lose your job if you ever stop learning, so beware

Simply defined, flying an aeroplane is a thrilling activity that pays off substantially in terms of mental and financial benefits. A profession as a pilot, however, has drawbacks, as was already indicated.

Career Drawbacks as a Pilot

The negative things must be absorbed alongside the good, though:

  • A Large Bank Account is Necessary: The first few years as an airline pilot might cost you up to large amount, but you will eventually make a lot of money. A Wizz Air cadet training at BAA Training, for instance, costs good sum of amount to enrol in. The cost does not, however, cover the issuance of a licence, the CAA tests, or your medical licence. In addition, you'll be responsible for covering your lodging and other living costs while you're enrolled in the course.
  • A Challenging Learning Curves: A pilot licence that enables future pilots to operate commercial aircraft requires them to pass more than ten tests. In addition, pilots are required to spend a lot of time flying on simulators with smaller engines. Not only does it take time, but it also costs a lot of money to fly an aircraft for an hour if you are not enrolled in a cadet school.
  • Missing Out on Vacation: Working for an airline requires you to adjust to their roster possibilities, which means you can miss your favourite nephew's birthday or other family celebrations like Christmas. Even while you have the option of switching rosters with other pilots, there are still instances when you'll be forced to work and miss time with your loved ones. As a result, if you intend to become a pilot, be aware that starting a family might be challenging.
  • A Lot of Tension: While piloting an aeroplane might be thrilling, you must keep in mind that you are responsible for the safety of hundreds of passengers. Yes, you prepare for every possible situation that may go wrong, yet bizarre accidents and errors do occasionally occur.
  • Medical Issues: Even after accounting for everything, becoming a pilot is still only a fantasy. You should not let stress and health problems stop you from dreaming of flying an aeroplane above the stunning Atlantic Ocean because they can occur in any professional path you choose.

Summing up
And then, if investing in yourself necessitates having a large bank account, so be it. Financing and loans are offered. When you question yourself if it is worthwhile to become a pilot, keep in mind both the advantages and disadvantages. Absolutely.
If the response is "no," keep asking yourself the same question until it switches to "yes"!